Student goals

By the cooperation of 6 European countries (Germany, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Turkey) young people will work out the importance of tourism for their own region in the next two years and discuss the current situation and chances for the future in four transnational meetings.
Within the framework of ERASMUS+, the Pedagogical Exchange Service of the KMK is funding the project "6 digi_tours of Europe" so participation in workshops and travelling is free of charge.
In addition to the thematic discussion, the project focuses on the promotion of digital skills and the critical examination of social media: In order to approach the topic and to present their own region or to problematize the situation, the young people create videos (e.g. documentaries, commercials) and social media content (e.g. stories, clips) on individual perspectives. The necessary digital skills for this are taught in advance in two online courses and trained in two face-to-face phases.
In the subsequent transnational workshops, the products created (films/social media) form the basis of the thematic discussion (tourism and the future of the regions), but are also themselves the subject of joint work (critical examination of the media concepts and technical implementation).