Project goals

The pandemic posed a particular challenge to education systems worldwide: new forms of education (including online courses) became necessary and the form of social contact redefined. The success of education and thus equal opportunities is partly determined by the technical equipment, but is essentially shaped by pedagogy and didactics. The project "6 digi-tours of Europe" aims to create and test a course concept through the exemplary development of teaching and learning material in the field of film and social media with corresponding practical phases, which will increase the digital competence of the participants and reclassify digital media in the education system.
Part of the pedagogical concept is the context orientation of the course in order to enable a reference to the life world and potential future of the young people. The topic of tourism and its economic significance for the participating regions was chosen as the main focus.
A central factor for the success of the project is the diverse line-up of partners and the cooperation between different regions of Europe: schools, extracurricular institutions and NGOs from six different countries. In addition to the country-specific education systems, they bring different approaches to digital media and offer an insight into the economic perspective of the regions. Through the different (digital) experiences and (digital) competencies, the partners benefit from each other and can thus support each other in adapting to the new (digital) reality.
The results of the project will be made available to a broad audience in two multiplier events. In addition to teachers from different types of schools, the focus of the participants is on participants from the region (business associations, tourism industry, administration, etc.), so that an impact can be achieved into society.

Project coordinator:

  • Distric Bergstraße, Germany

Parnter institutions:

  • Gaziosmanpasa Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey
  • Asociación Cultural y Deportiva Un futuro con Europa, Spain
  • Association myMobility, North Macedonia
  • Liceul Tehnologic Nr. 1 Gâlgău, Romania