5th Exchange: Tourist Resorts - Beach & Sea

The 5th mobility of our project was from 6.-14. -May 2023 in Reggio Calabria, Italy with the participation of all partners. During this week the students focused on the legend of Ulysses and visited different corresponding famous spots in the region like Scilla and Tropea.
After a refresher on video technology, mixed stundent groups took a video on different spots.
#2 - Groticelle Beach, Villa Genoese Zerbi and Ruffo Castle
#3 - Tropea, Reggio Calabria Teatro "Francesco Cilea" and Basilica Cattedrale di Maria Assunta in Cileo
#4 - Tropea (Port and Beach), Reggio Calabria (Work by Edoardo Tresoldi), Scilla (Tourist Port)
#5 - Reggio Calabria (Lungomare Falcomata), Tropea and Scilla (Beach Front)
#6 - Reggio Calabria (Beach), Tropea (Castle) and Monte Sant'Elia 
The exchange was meant as well to emphasize the intercultural component of the project and allow students to get acquainted with other cultures and ways of thinking.